Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Android Prepaid Phone (Net10)

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Android Prepaid Phone (Net10) image 001

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Android Prepaid Phone (Net10)

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Android Prepaid Phone (Net10)

Finally a Straight Talk smart phone that uses Verizon!
I got this as an upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Precedent, which was also through Straight Talk. It used the Sprint network and reception was very spotty to say the least. The Proclaim is one of the first ST Androids to use Verizon’s towers and it makes a world of difference! 3G is faster then ever and, so far, I haven’t been in an area where I didn’t get a signal. The Proclaim comes with 1 gig of internal memory and a 2 gig card that can be upgraded. I’ve downloaded a dozen apps off Google Play and it’s barely put a dint in the memory. The 3MP camera takes great photos outside, but the quality inside will depend on the lighting as there’s no flash. It’s also much faster at running applications then my previous phone and can play Netflix and Youtube videos off 3G with little buffering. It’s just an all around good phone. If you’re looking to get an Android from Straight Talk…please…make sure it’s one like this that uses Verizon (They have the red coverage map on the front…
my first Droid as well
I was literally on my way to Wally World to get a Straight Talk Android phone. I was already aware it used the Sprint coverage. I checked the web-site one last time and entered a friend’s farm zip code (rural Iowa) since coverage is very spotty (no Sprint that’s for sure). And lo, this phone pops up! They then verified that it will indeed run on Verizon’s network. Took it to the farm, even into the woods, and could still get 3g, surf, text, take pix and post to FB etc. Awesome. Now I see they are all sold out, but ST is coming out with an LG Android that will also run on V’s network. I may snap one up as a backup just because I love the 45 dollar pre-paid plan and great coverage.
Not a bad Android
I really enjoy this phone it does a fantastic job with apps and calls are clear, easy to hear. The GPS navagation is just amazing and I only paid about 160 for it from Walmart here in town. Would of bought here but no real price difference and needed to get the unlimited plan card for 45 too.

Looking around most people give this about 3 stars stating it freezes up a lot. I did experience this the first day or two but for the past month only the camera a couple of times under heavy use. Took a two hour boat ride and only used my phone did about 100 pictures. and maybe 10-15 min of video. The phone did freeze then like 3 times during this in which case I did have to restart it but otherwise it has been fine.

Games are a bit weird. I have Style me Girl and Top Girl which seemed glitchy when I first installed them. After a re install they have worked fine. Other apps like my Rift Mobile app, Facebook, and of course Amazon have had no troubles at all with. Video has…
Product Features

  • ANDROID 2.3 Operating System Powered by a 1GHz Processor
  • 3.5? Touch Screen
  • 3 MP Camera /Video Recorder
  • 3G/Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • $50 Unlimited Plan or $65 Unlimited International Plan Needed

Product Descriptions
Description : ANDROID 2.3, 3.5″ Touch Screen, 3 MP Camera /Video Recorder, 3G/Wi-Fi Connectivity, Bluetooth Wireless Technology, Multitasking/Instant Messaging, Advanced GPS Capabilities, 1GHz Processor, 5 Home Screens, Swype, MP3 Player (cable not included), 3.55mm Headset Jack, Speech to Text, TouchWiz Lite 3.0, 2 GB microSD Card (Included), External microSD Card up to 32GB (not included), Access to over 450,000 Apps on Google Play, Gravity Sensor / Tilt & Shake, Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) Rating: M4, Phonebook with Unlimited Entries. Battery talk time up to 5.5 hours. Standby time up to 16 days.

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